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DDPAI Dash Cam Mini 3 1600P HD

מצלמת רכב מומלצת מאוד ה DDPai Mini3 1600P עכשיו בסייל שווה ביותר

מחיר 58.99$ שזה כ 202 ₪
משלוח חינם

✅צילום באיכות גבוהה 1600P כלומר 2K ובזוית של 140 מעלות
✅רכיב אחסון פנימי מובנה 32GB לשמירת הקלטה בלופ ( מידע ישן יימחק)
✅ניתן לסובב את המצלמה על המעמד לצילום פנים הרכב ב- 360 מעלות
✅חיבור WIFI להורדת הצילומים לאפליקציה
✅כולל לחצן צילום אלחוטי להדבקה על ההגה
✅ יש בה קבל חשמלי (לא סוללה) שמתאים לחום בישראל

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המידע עדכני לתאריך: 22/10/2020

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DDPAI Dash Cam Mini 3

See The Difference

Built-in 32G eMMC Storage / 360° All-Around View

1600P 2K HD Recording / SR2.0 Black TechnologyMINI-3-详情_01MINI-3-详情_02

Super High Resolution of 1600P: 2 times of 1080P

By adjusting the exposure balance, 1600P dash cam captures greater details in darkness and brightness.


Built-in 32G eMMC Storage

Secure Recording

Creative built-in eMMC storage, no need to buy extra SD card and no worry about card error.

The amount of read/write number is 10 times larger and 5 times faster than normal TF card.


360° Rotation Design

It adopts the new aesthetic structure design, 360° free rotation design,

captures footage in front, around, and even selfie inside the car.



Sense Reality 2.0 Technology

DDPai Mini3 built-in 6-axis acceleration sensor, can record your acceleration, sharp turn,uphill or downhill, creating a virtual game experience and real-life sci-fi fusion,You can share the cool video on your social networks.


序列 02(2M)

Remote Capture Pictures with Snapshot Button

Never miss wonderful moment, the third-generation button to capture wirelessly, can take a picture

and 10s videos (5s before and after). You can synchronically download pictures and videos to mobile phones via Wi-Fi.


140 Degrees Wide Angle Covering 5 Lanes

140° wide angle, no blind spots.The wider,the safer .( Enable you to monitor more information on the road while driving.)


Super Capacitor Super Safety

Built to survive extreme weather conditions from -20℃ to 70℃ tomeet the needs of extremely hot like New Delhi, Nevada or extremelycold areas Russia, Alaska. Providing a longer life-span than lithium-ionbattery dash cams in the market so that nothing can stop you fromexploring your next destination.


DDPAI App Community, Share Your Driving Stories

You can edit photos and videos and share to the ddpal"On the road" community or social media,

the beautiful scenery, unexpected incidents,excellent videos and so on.


WDR Wide Dynamic Range

WDR technology can adjust exposure balance , enabling the camera to pick up greater detail in darkness and highlights.


Essential Witness for Accidents

Motion Detection

Collision Detection


Effortless Loop Recording

DDPAI Mini 3 records video on a loop while driving. This ensures that in the event of an accident,

the video evidence will be captured and then safely secured from overwriting.


Hidden Design

Designed to fit all car interior and perfectly concealed behind rear-view mirror.


Dual 6-glass Lens  & F/1.8 Largest Aperture

With proprietary focal length of the lens gives you more clear smaller details

which captures crystal clear video in day and night.


Build-in G-sensor

Auto detect collision and save clips to event folder to protect your essential witness for accidents and insurance claims.


Built-in Wifi & APP

Priew or download your recorded 2K videos directly on ios and android devices from App " DDPAI".