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מצלמה רכב בין הטובות שיש.
ה VIOFO A119 V2
המבנה של המצלמה על השמשה של הרכב ולא מפריע בנסיעה.
עדשה עם צמצם F1.8, עם 160 מעלות צילום ב1440P
למצלמה יש קבל ולא סוללה שיותר מתאימה לקיץ שלנו.(החום הישראלי)

מחיר : $58.09 שהם כ200 שח בלבד.
קופון : FWSALE
קופון נוסף 3$ בעמוד המוצר תאספו

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המידע עדכני לתאריך: 02/11/2020

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Original VIOFO A119 V2 2.0" LCD Capacitor Upgrated Novatek 96660 HD 2K 1440P Car Dash video recorder DVR Optional GPS CPL Filter

Key features:

1. Full HD Video Quality Record the road front at 1440P 30fps/1060p 60fps in crystal clear video quality. Equipped with a 6-element lens and f/1.8 aperture, the A119 captures excellent image quality both day and night. 2. Emergency Locking G-sensor can turn on the emergency recording mode to record the brake of the vehicle or the event in a collision. With G-sensor, the current footage will be locked automatically to avoid being overwritten during emergency events. 3. Parking Mode Including parking mode to protect the car all day and all night. Protect your car in parking time and record all important moments that are triggered by motion and impact detection. 4. GPS Logger GPS logger is used to including the location data in the recorded videos. Enjoy and track your journey showing speed, route and time data on playback via phone or computer. 5. Super Capacitor Brings a wider range of operating temperatures and longer life span. The A119 uses high-quality super capacitors to ensure stable power. It is a “set and forget” dashcam even in extreme conditions such as summers or cold winters.

Package includes:

• 1 x A119V2 Dash Camera • 1 x Non-GPS Mount • 1 x Car Adapter • 1 x Mini USB Data Cable • 5 x Clips • 4 x EVA Foam Pad • 1 x Extra 3M Sticker • 1 x User Manual • 1 x GPS Mount (optional) Optional accessories: GPS Mount, CPL, HK2, Micro SD Card